Preventing Hair Aging 101—Chapter 1: Reducing Heat Damage

hands raised holding hair care tools

Applying a straightening iron directly to the hair and using it at high temperatures may cause hair breakage. In order to minimize the damage, it's important to use lower temperatures for less than 3 seconds in the same section of the hair.

If your hair dryer is used at a high temperature for long periods of time, the proteins can be altered by the heat and the hair will become brittle and weak. Drying the same part of your hair for too long will also cause split ends to form in the hair. It is important to thoroughly towel dry your hair before using a blow dryer and to use a heat protectant.

Here at Nekko, we took the time to develop all of our products to be multi-beneficial. Our head spa shampoo helps reduce heat damage due to the ingredient y-docosalactone. Y-docosalactone is a plant based ingredient which repairs hair when it is exposed to heat from an iron or a blow dryer. This new technology molecule aids in the renewal of cuticles, waving, and intermingling the fibers to repair split ends. It also helps improve elasticity and reduces breakage in the hair with continuous use.

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