My scalp felt so clean!

“My hairstylist educated me about how important scalp care is. My next appointment I decided to get a scalp treatment. Pre cleansing felt very minty and tingly. My scalp felt so clean.

After she did the shampoo It felt even more fresh and clean. It was very refreshing! Finally I was given the rejuvenate serum on my scalp. It left my scalp and hair feeling really soft even into the next day.”


“Wow!! It helped a lot.”

I’ve been having a problem with my scalp being itchy and oily for years. I tried most of products, especially oils that are supposed to treat my scalp issues! Some products made my scalp condition worst.
So, I researched Google and found a head spa called BlowMeAway salon. 
I went to BlowMeAway salon for my scalp session. 

Wow!! It helped a lot. So I went back there the next month and they recommended I use Nekko pre cleansing once a week. I’ve been using it for 3 months now, and I can admit, this product is amazing!  

It has a minty smell and cool refreshing feeling. My favorite part is that it does not make my scalp appear or feel oily. My hair had a tendency to get oily quick, and it’s not so healthy to wash my hair everyday. But now I don’t have to wash my hair everyday ! Yay! I’m so happy! Pre shampoo helped my oiliness and bad smell hair smell!!
And Nekko serum!!! This is my favorite 💕 OMG! I can feel it sooth my scalp irritation

One more thing, The shampoo bottle is so unique and easy to use. You should try it!!! 

I absolutely LOVE Nekko pre-shampoo, cooling shampoo, and Serum!!! 
I highly recommend to use this product if you have the same issues like as I do.


I don’t see dandruff anymore!

This is the first time I used scalp products.I often feel build up on my scalp and see dandruff. I could not understand why my scalp had these conditions. Since I have used this product, I don’t see dandruff anymore and my scalp feels so clean. Other scalp shampoos make my hair dry, but this one doesn’t. I really love this serum. It makes my hair so soft and silky. Even after day 2 of using these products, my scalp is still moisturized and hair is soft. I will put this scalp product on my hair from now on!


My client's hair was not oily and there was less odor!

I’m a hairstylist and I used this product on some of my clients who have scalp issues such as itchiness, dandruff and lost volume. After I used the product, they all say they feel so minty fresh. After I blow dried their hair, I definitely noticed their hair has more volume and feels so soft. Some of my clients have an oily scalp and odor, even after shampooing. I recommended these clients use this product at home. The next time, when they came back to the salon, their hair was not oily and there was less odor. I will introduce Nekko products to all my clients, now that I realize root care is very important!!!! All hair stylists should practice scalp health for their clients.