Why do you need scalp care?

woman lifts hair out of water

The same way we take care of our skin and have a skin care routine is the same way we need to care for our scalps.

Normal shampoo is capable of cleaning some sebum and product residue but most of the time, that is not enough to care for the scalp. Sebum is an oily, waxy substance produced by sebaceous gland. Without proper care of the scalp it can lead to hair loss, itchiness, an oily or dry scalp, scalp odor, inflammation, and aging.

The scalp has many sebaceous glands. They are necessary to provide your skin with moisture. However, when sebum from the scalp is mixed with various hair styling products, and dirt it can severely clog the pores. To prevent scalp problems we recommend deep cleansing the scalp with pre-scalp cleanser or Nekko scalp oil once a week.

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